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Many families fall into poverty due to the cost of treatment of critical illnesses such as cancer
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ZiDi™ is a software developed for point-of-care (POC) tracking of commodities in clinics serving
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Jacaranda Health is a social venture that aims to set a new a new standard for maternity care in
We are a widows led NGO that is Championing for Protection and Advancement of widows Rights in Ke
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There are hundreds of millions of children unable to get a quality education.
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KOFAr manufactures and sells natural soil conditioners and processed vegetative compost that reve
EcoZoom is a social enterprise and certified B Corporation that makes clean burning, portable woo
Our solution provides fresh, nutritious, high quality and sustainable food for education at heavi
SuperFluid Labs is a data analytics firm with the mission of democratising data insights for ever
UjuziKilimo is innovative sensory technology and database that will provide precise actionable an
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Water is a women's issue.
Rural farmers often rely on synthetic fertilizers, leading to long-term yield loss from soil degr
One small light, one bright future.
Empowering girls with skills of making reusable sanitary towels
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Elderly, terminally ill persons continue to face various challenges today at home.
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Ugatuzi Kenya (Let's Talk Devolution) is a public platform that was established in 15th July
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Technology to ease rural life in Africa exists but doesn’t reach the families that need it most.
Balloon selects exceptional volunteers to work with entrepreneurs in Kenya, Uganda, or Ghana.
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A drip irrigation automation system with sensors that monitor the soil moisture and control the w
Raise her Voice- a social enterprise with multi layered benefit & holistic approach.