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In Kenya, vegetables are cut in tinny sizes before cooking.
Safi Organics presents an alternative fertilizer called fortified biochar from organic waste.
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Africa Yoga Project has created a professional development model that incorporates self-discovery
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KOUNKUEY DESIGN INITIATIVE (KDI) transforms impoverish
Grundfos Lifelink is delivering a new model for sustainable water supply in the developing world
Takachar works with existing/new local entrepreneurial groups in urban slums to bring waste manag
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CDC Development Solutions seeks to introduce and scale Kazi Corps, a Career Development Center mo
I want to empower community-based organizations (CBOs) in informal settlements to generate income
We are recycling 100% of plastic trash into standard sized building blocks using no heat or chemi
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WISERBridge promotes equal access to higher education by improving primary students’ academ
Cane waste supplement for charcoal will be manufactured to small cubes