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Go Green Global is a campaign initiated by AFOGWAD to help eradicate the climate change ignorance
We fight water-borne diseases in northern Uganda by empowering vulnerable communities in Gulu Dis
Centro Asistencial de Niños Abandonados y jóvenes en riesgo.
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This project will increase opportunities for marginalized groups to access micro-loans and active
Es un proyecto que propone una nueva forma de habitar la periferia de las ciudades latinoamerican
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La cultura ribereña con fuerte arraigo entre los pescadores es casi desconocida por el resto de
Purchasing fuel efficient clay stoves for use and training among women will provide a huge benefi
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Eco Innova aims to join forces with NGO "Aldeas infantiles SOS" to provide fully green energy sy
Thousand of our community members uses their land for two or three seasons only, there they will