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Creando procesos de información para empoderar juventudes y crear lideres comunitarios, mejorando
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El Grupo Artemisa Honduras es una organizacion apolitica, sin fines de lucro que busca mejorar l
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The basic purpose of the project is to provide a way for keeping cars cool during daytime when th
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We provide female high school students with skills and knowledge needed to tackle high rates of u
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Es una Organización no gubernamental con enfoque juvenil y de carácter humanista,
Se estima que en Honduras un 10.5% de los que están viviendo con el VIH son menores de 20 años de
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We aim at strengthening social capital in order to compensate for excluded young people’s inequal
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Fortalecer el capital social para compensar las desigualdades de jóvenes excluidos mediante tres
Guaruma engages local youth through its education programs that promote environmental awareness a
We motivate consumers to save water heating energy and costs, formalizing a chain of contracts an