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Labor Link is the first platform to leverage the disruptive power of mobile to give voice to the
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DUMA is an SMS-based job matching service that connects short-term laborers and potential custome
Twin Cities RISE!(TCR) a pour mission de mettre en relation des employeurs avec des travailleurs
Modelo de trabajo de 13 pasos para la reintegración social de retornados guatemaltecos trabajando
FairWear is a social enterprise built to address garment worker abuse and poverty in large scale
Passion Lilie provides an affordable and high quality alternative to fast fashion.
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Alter-Art will enhance small-space living worldwide, promote healthy social gatherings for all so
True transparency from cotton field to store shelves is both possible and necessary to improve wo
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Re:Coded transforms the massive intellectual potential of Syrian refugees and IDPs by using a low
Remake is building a conscious consumer movement by retelling the story of fashion with a critica
LaborVoices is building a "TripAdvisor" for workers in developing countries, helping th
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Laborlink is a mobile solution that translates worker voices into actionable analytics.
The garment supply chain is full of rights abuses, as workers are made to maximize production at
QUO provides to the value chain a tool to manage, validate and record trade.
All Star Home Inspections come with a full report describing any problems and issues that a