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Our solution provides fresh, nutritious, high quality and sustainable food for education at heavi
UjuziKilimo is innovative sensory technology and database that will provide precise actionable an
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Provide high protein and micronutrient-rich food solutions derived from insects and insect-based
Movements often flounder when the activists driving them lack access to vital strategies, safe sp
UniFarm@14 is a concept that shows how the government, populace and the investors can collaborati
As e-channels we have come with the idea of a platform that will enable users to get an opportuni
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We help Africa attain food security by linking farmers with owners of idle land online where farm
We connect farmers within the same geographical region to provide a way out of the production of
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Fatuma's Voice is an ideal platform where people meet to talk about social issues revolving aroun
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We are a Community Based Organization based in Turkana County of the Republic of Kenya and seekin
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KCCI promotes economic independence and healthy child development via community-driven early chil
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Sasa is a peer-to-peer e-commerce platform that connects offline artisans in the developing world
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Mokala Tech is a newly formed Kenyan-based business dealing with the use of technology in enhanci
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The whole idea is to enable the youth in the Rural areas to showcase their various Gifts & ta
Inspired by timeless traditional harbour villages, Schooner Bay creates an authentic community si
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The Reducing Balance Debenture concept is where the funding institution will receive a debenture
Majority of rural population who are mainly farmers incurs losses and even food shortages caused