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Aboriginal Day Camp for Girls (Camp de jour pour les filles autochtones) est né de l’idée qu’en m
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Aboriginal Day Camp for Girls was started from an idea that by connecting girls to their culture
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Primera organización de Latinoamérica en visibilizar y posicionar en la agenda política, académic
Las personas LGBTQ en Perú han sido marginadas por corruptas administraciones políticos y religio
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Es una campaña a favor de la creación de una Corte Penal Latinoamericana y del Caribe contra el C
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Los niños y niñas con discapacidad tienen los mismos derechos en recibir atención educativa y de
Los padres de hijos c/discapacidad no conocen sus derechos ni los mecanismos para acceder a ellos
This group aims to offer opportunities to young women to help them nurture, learn and develop new
El start-up Muchik Xtrem es una iniciativa que promociona la práctica del deporte al aire libre e
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Adaptive ice skating equipment makes it possible for children with physical disabilities to take
The MS Warrior Network attempts to provide information about research and connections within the
We are putting together a Physical Literacy Summit with the intent to share best practices in phy
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We are a charitable organization, dedicated to providing disadvantaged children in Victoria with
Floorball is a safe, fast & fun sport resembling indoor hockey.
Surrey Gymnastics Society would like to establish a facility called Lifestyle Athletics Village.
Des élèves de l'école participent à un événement de course à pieds: le 200 km de coeur.