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Our main line of action is to afford deprived
International Academy of Teaching offers courses and workshops for teachers.
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In wake of increasing levels of graduate unemployment, Africa Innovation Academy offers an innova
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mathematics tutor is a self teaching e-learning platform with phone and pc compatibility.
Creation of a school feeding program, the income from which will go towards a teacher supervision
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The after class hours program is pilot program at four public school that will serve pupil in cla
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Many students in the High Schools usually complain of insufficient time allocated in mathematics
We work to empower women and girls by giving them psychological support and tools that helps them
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We provide heroes with a training program on values and social awareness.
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Somos un programa de formación de héroes con valores y conciencia social.
We support humanitarian projects in Ghana especially projects involving children, youth and schoo
is profit organization.Providing health education to the public.
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Establishing and maintaining girl's football teams.
my center is about computer and technology literacy, involving everyone in the world of global te
Butterfly Effect is a curriculum design start-up which provides tailored educational experiences