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Batak Craft aims to rehabilitate the Batak's physical and cultural health by addressing the
R2R is a fashion and design house empowering community artisans through providing an end-to-end s
Textile Waste is one of the biggest environmental effects of the Fashion Industry.
The solution involves theory and practical parts.the theory will entail teachings on financial di
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The project addresses the entire faecal sludge management chain.
Livable Products is a family of projects that creates fair design products all over the w
ANTHILL (Alternative Nest and Trading/ Training Hub for Indigenous/ Ingenious Little Livelihood s
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HADB is an inclusive designs hub where low income consumers turn
Starting this year, myself with my students are organising to hold an annual music challenge , fo
ROPE hope is spreading the intriguing story of reclaimed rope weavers around poor shipping areas
Youth for a Livable Cebu Online Trashion Shop (YLCOTS) is a shop known for its unique design sens
Rags2Riches is the Fashion and Design House empowering Community Artisans.