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Driven by the increasing estrangement of people in urban surroundings with nature and its potenti
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Gülcan Nitsch develops new approaches to recruit Germany’s largest minority group, Turkish immigr
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Ursula Sladek has created a new paradigm that shifts energy production, management, and ownership
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Johannes Hengstenberg is convinced that climate protection is not abstract and complicated but is
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People running home.
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Building Pioneers makes solid houses more affordable, eco-friendly and disaster resistant in deve
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Cradle to Cradle visions a world where everyone can leave a big and positive footprint.
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What is the problem with condoms?
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ImagineCargo is drastically reducing the emissions impact of small package deliveries.
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Training and Coaching for a better social economy.
The AEROTERM SunWindHybrid is world's first combined SunWind Power Plant which uses updraft and r
We provide joyful spaces for childcare, the care of elderly people and civil engagement under one
In the House in the Park stereotypical images of aging are challenged, enabling a new perspective
This is just an example :-)
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media plattform for videos & informations about "housing" projects (Communitys, Coworking, re
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Humancredit is an online donation platform.
The DO School has partnered with H&M Germany to challenge an international class of emerging
easierLife offers a new user-oriented system composed of a wireless monitoring system and differe
The "clown consultation" is a new combination of care and laughter in nursing homes.
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12 women in their late 60´s profile their life in the radically different role of a clown stating