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Passion for life is a programme which belongs to the Seniors coaching to move from knowing to doi
Innovative audio support service in a mobile platform by and for people diagnosed with diabetes.
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Monitoring, sampling and identification of mosquitoes vectors is of great importance in setting u
Health needs to be protected as a fundamental human right.
Create a natural meeting place for all generations free from charge.
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Ask a dermatologist anonymously in any device 24/7.
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I want to use food to facility the use of drugs to people that either do not have access to new a
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This intervention aims at eliminating the stigma and discrimination towards patients suffering f
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The adequate and appropriate training of health professionals is a pre-requisite for the patients
“For a Better Future” is an action with social extensions concerning a sensitive age group, child
Primary health issues&Pregnancy are subjects that 40%globally of women are not well informed.
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Roma population is amongst the most deprived and vulnerable social groups worldwide.
“Möten med minnen” is a project where Swedish museums are offered help to design special programs
LEINO Demenskompetens offers knowledge building in dementia care, through participatory and inter
A chance for people newly diagnozed with dementia to receive social stimulance, fellowship and su
In my 20 years as a nurse I have come to get a very special knowledge about the use of drugs for
Promotion of health and prevention of disease among elderly citizens through an integrated educat
To use messages from holistic therapies, especially reflexology and nutrition, to enable older p
Utilizing the ancient knowledge on herbal treatments from ancient Greek Ippocrates and Indian Ayu