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Labourconnect.org is a portal using web based application software to connect unorganized blue co
By implementation of right IT solutions, Surat District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd.
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Project which have benefitted more than 80,000 SC & ST ( Dalit) students of Bihar through 10
customer support service for emails.
yahoo mail support
Go-for-Change is India's first online market place of charity merchandise.
ONergy is a leading energy access social enterprise providing decentralized solar energy solution
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FM trains women to market, sell, and service renewable energy products in rural Rajasthan.
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Binapani, goddess of learning-knowledge, Tailors is basically a project for making male shirts an
SunSaluter is a non-profit dedicated to improving energy and water access in the developing world
India's first technology based NGO, we empower the deaf to overcome their biggest impediment
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ZeroMiles in its functionality equals to ‘Apple iPhone’ that provides a tangible community platfo
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Rising electricity costs hurt you, your business & your shareholders.