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Our aim is to introduce sharing options to a predominantly consumer driven society.
To ensure youngsters from South African townships of a healthy future, community workers are trai
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The Startup Foundation is a non-profit organisation supporting innovative youth entrepreneurship
I believe that my project has potential to change the mindset of a rural small businesses especia
Improves access to goods, livelihoods and economic opportunities in grassroot communities through
Fast-tracking conversion of tenure rights to formal ownership and title-deeds, by procuring the r
To convert all land permanently occupied by black South Africans to full, unambiguous ownership w
We aim to roll out a global network of incubators that focus on developing, scaling up and rollin
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We provide guarantees and technical assistance that move South Africa’s mainstream financial inst
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A networked funding of local guilds via conditional cash transfers.
Our company Sibesonke provides life empowering mobile phone services over even simple phones for
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Chronicles Media Group through its Online magazine African Youth Empowered aims not only to share