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Underdevelopment arises when society gives too much and receives too little or nothing at all fro
El Centro Productivo busca contribuir al desarrollo de un modelo sostenible de inclusión social y
<p>Desarrollamos y ejecutamos Proyectos de Ingeniería para el Desarrollo Comunitario.</p
Brindamos a jóvenes de 18/30 años, adultos mayores y madres solteras (población vulnerable) un
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Es una campaña a favor de la creación de una Corte Penal Latinoamericana y del Caribe contra el C
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Radio Los Inestables es una radio abierta e itinerante producida por personas con padecimiento me
El siguiente proyecto surge para potenciar el impacto de emprendedores sociales de las villas de
My village was destroyed by flooding in 1999. I want to turn this disaster into an opportunity.
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The Composting Net geo-localizes and quantif
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VermiPonics system under a Franchise model provides a scalable and innovative solution to address
Ioniqa resolves the global PET plastic waste challenge!
Recycling project development into slums near large cities which have already initiated the separ
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Connecting consumers, designers and producers to create attractive, affordable and sellable ethic
Greendemia is an online platform capable of financing collectively, projects related to the susta
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Lacking financial & educational opportunities, girls as young as 9 from Sandiara, Senegal are
Thousands of tons of reusable materials are ending up in landfills every day.
Rubble accumulation is a problem everywhere.
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Do you love the designs of our KARIGAR product but concerned about how they were made?