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Radio Los Inestables es una radio abierta e itinerante producida por personas con padecimiento me
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The Composting Net geo-localizes and quantif
The Sun Barter combines two simple already existing technologies to proffer solution to food loss
La propuesta es desarrollar un proyecto que sea innovador en nuestra región, generando puentes e
Our institution has the main goal, based on professional and non professional personal, to help
EL PREA (Programa de Externacion Asistida) comienza en 1999
De Krat delivers local, seasonal and sustainable food, e.g.
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We work to make nutrition information accessible to every school age child.
We create what food can do with people and what people can do with food.
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Seeddharta is developing and merchandising healthy hempseed(products) to finance a (silent) hemp
Nudus is an online marketplace providing chefs with a crowd to cook FUN, FAIR & FUTURE-PROOF
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City Hives - a crowdsourcing project to save the bees, and make delicious honey in cities.
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We solve the personnel problem in senior health care and the loneliness of elderly by getting the
We are justnuts and we make Happy Honest Treats.
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Educamos y motivamos a las personas para generar aprendizajes que las acerquen a estilos de vida
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Asistencia en situaciones asociadas a drogas mediante estrategias de intervención sin psicofármac