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We offer you a space, to move freely in a country where freedom doesn't exist.
Nureddin is bringing visually impaired students to participate as equals in public school classro
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Jehad has created a model to improve access to university education for poor and underprivileged
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Jacqueline Sfeir is transforming the educational system of Palestine and the larger Arab world in
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youth organization that aim to empower Palestinian youth by establishing based community movement
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joining efforts, maximizing media impact, & defending Human rights
تنمية المجتمع الفلسطيني والعمل على تطويره
Teaching with Project- Based Learning Objects(PBLO) can improve learning through merging technolo
شركة خاصة تهتم بتصميم وابتكار وانتاج وسائل تعليمية الكترونية وملموسة لتشجيع التعلم عن طريق اللعب