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Although Egypt is well known as one of the best destinations for global tourism all over the worl
Amani El Tunsi is empowering women to overcome difficult life challenges by creating a safe space
Yousry is creating a positive shift in the minds of Egyptian children and youth so that they beco
Azza Kamel uses experiential learning and non-formal education to overcome obstacles that keep ch
Fairouz Omar is introducing a professional psychological counseling system for teenagers in the E
Samy Gamil is integrating the deaf and hard of hearing into Egyptian society by equipping them wi
Hisham El Roubi provides young adults with more and better volunteer and job opportunities, allow
Dina Abdel Wahab is pioneering school-based integration of special-needs and normal children -a f
Lynn Freiji is improving the way science is taught by introducing an effective outdoor educationa
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Benaa Association aims at empowering the Egyptian youth, to tackle the development problems and c
Educate Me is an NGO that aspires to redefine education in Egypt by Inspiring a nationwide moveme
Protect Your Child is committed to fight the lack of health education in Egypt.
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We develop kits and build games to solve the problem of impractical and ineffective science commu
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nasHope is a interactive social platform that bring Non-profit organization activities online and
The idea of ​​the project are mainly based on processing computers and provided the cheapest pric
create a foundation that collect money to help all kind of people to reach their dreams of educa
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مشروعى ينطبق على الشخاص دون 18 عام ممن يسكنون الشوارع وهم 3 انواع 1:قاطنون بالشارع 2:عاملون بالشا
Zomra Consulting propoes: "Women On Board" project