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Niranjan is educating underserved communities by closing the rural and urban education gap.
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Project focuses on introducing Green Concepts to Sri Lankans to create an Eco-cult era to make th
its a library that was built in the air with the shape of plane.the main aim of building this was
ESDF-SL aims to foster peace and development through empowerment, awareness building, training
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Shilpa Sayura Global Primary uses ICT creatively to deliver global primary education with empathy
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The Lotus Program creates opportunities for students, teachers and communities by promoting Engli
The Sri Lanka Women’s Swimming Project (WSP) is a unique community drowning reduction program to tea
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Promotion of micro/small enterprises up to medium level by establishing a mobile enable informat
An interactive crafts workshop where materials and a clean, safe workplace will be provided to th
According to UNESCO, 71 million children in secondary school age were out of school in 2010.