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“Team up for good” is an internal community inviting all our employees to “team up” and collabora
Somos La ilustre y somos la primera plataforma online de ilustradores y dibujantes emergentes, qu
Uso de la web para el fomento de una cultura abierta y de calidad y la generación de un espacio d
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Urmanismo 2.0 is a new concept in Sustainable Planning and Social Networks, which allows for the
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Sarcoma is an uncommon type of cancer with little research, patients suffering from sarcoma in Sp
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El Sarcoma es un Cáncer poco frecuente con escasez de investigación, los pacientes con Sarcomas d
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A jointly financed business plan competitions by the local governments and private sector will be
Imagine a live participatory newspaper with its own youtube created by civil society and whose pr
La plataforma uPatient/uClinics unifica los datos médicos y conductuales del paciente y los muest