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Although Egypt is well known as one of the best destinations for global tourism all over the worl
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Inspired by the famous speech of Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Disability should never be the obstacle to fulfill dreams & create a change.
In Egypt, we produce around THREE MILLION TONS of plastic waste Yearly!
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nasHope is a interactive social platform that bring Non-profit organization activities online and
Project for solving the problem of cooking Gas Cylinders Distribution in the developing countries
bakery ovens built with bricks&mud this secure,preserve the environment;low-cost,energy-savin
from Dumyat city in Egypt ,"JOB FASTER" company for Recruitment was found in 2010
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Group of visionary entrepreneurs transforming the Middle East automotive market through innovativ
Zomra Consulting propoes: "Women On Board" project
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The community empowerment link is about empowering communities through mobilizing the community r
youlost.com offer new idea about finding missing people and missing things around theworld this
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Groundbreaking and institutionalizing independent free local media in Egypt, on of the cores of d
Silk carpets project is a project that saved the industry of handmade silk carpets in Egypt by re
Saving the environment isn't easy, so I decided to make an idea to play this role.
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Ctartup is a social network connecting all parties involved in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, in
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Disability should never be the obstacle to fulfil dreams & create a change.
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Kaizen is established to produce clinical laboratory products with the best quality, price and ju