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About 1% of the population is affected by autism spectrum disorders.
People running home.
Every society is based on gender separation.
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Training and Coaching for a better social economy.
Das Ziel von der Zahnräder Konferenz ist es ein starkes Netzwerk von engagierten Muslimen zu scha
This is just an example :-)
“Two ears – one tongue” offers a training for students (as from 15y).
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media plattform for videos & informations about "housing" projects (Communitys, Coworking, re
In our workshop, teenagers get the opportunity to learn practical, goal-oriented methods and comp
Communicate social values of inclusion, respect, tolerance, appreciation and care combined with
"Generation Erfahrung-Chance 50Plus" is a project that aims in networking between NPO's, social c
Early demonstration of perspectives to keep employees in the final work phase motivate and health