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This project seeks to earnest the use of the abundance solar energy to power Ultra Violet water t
ENVenture works with respected community based organizations (CBOs) already based in the last mil
Sustainable management of urban waste is still a challenge being
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We explore the opportunity of making reusable and environmentally friendly sanitary pads for wome
We are trying to take our product to market and find other interested charities who could be inte
Ffene is a business platform on which SMEs can carry out various business processes cheaply.
Maendeleo Foundation reaches out to communities and schools with up to date computer skills and i
Owino Internet is a social network facility aimed at providing affordable internet connection to
Guerrilla Lending is a new company based in Uganda that will be offering financialservices unique
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WMI’s village-level microfinance program offers loans, training and support for rural African wom
Nearly half the world's population relies on traditional fuels for cooking, heating and lighting.
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A business enterprise dealing in the design and manufacture of hand-made environmentally-friendl
KAMPALA WASTE TYRE RECYCLING CENTER will be a pioneer regional scrap tyre recycling plant for the