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Thanda is a non-profit organisation that empowers communities to break the cycle of generational
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Water scarcity or lack of safe drinking water is one of the world's leading problems affecting mo
Children & adults with mobility disabilities in less resourced countries cannot access suppor
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Driving Spirit is an organisation working within the poverty-striken area of Phillipi Township.
The Umthombo Youth Development Foundation (UYDF) is meeting the shortage of medical professionals
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Invertebrates are animals without a backbone. They can cause disease on plants and animals.
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a mobile service that gets you from .a to .b using public transport.
The Life’s Beads project promotes a variety of sustainable livelihoods among the poor in communit
Open Africa stimulates economic development in rural areas, done by creating and marketing routes
Empower communities that have no access to common electricity.
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Interlocking solutions has developed a unique patented housing technology in order to assist over
LRC's land reform and rural development project addresses the distortion of priorities in South A
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We provide guarantees and technical assistance that move South Africa’s mainstream financial inst
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• Disseminate information about Epilepsy and Lifestyle management in Community health centres, sc
Umthathi trains historically disadvantaged community groups in organic food gardening.
Open Africa is a collaborative movement with the vision to link the splendours of Africa in a net
RGS mainly focuses on the schools for both young and old people with disability across the globe,
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Borehole bulk sanitised water can be supplied to rural households in South Africa using our propo