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Training and equipping women to run community-based bicycle workshops has proven to be an entry l
Nancy is building a legal structure that allows indigenous groups to negotiate legal contracts on
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Isabel De Almeida is the leading nutritionist in Guinea-Bissau.
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As of 2015, 10% of the cashews produced in Africa are processed and exported directly to Europe.
Edu-Light is an initiative powered by GreenVille Solutions that aims to work with schools to find
A major problem in developing countries is not only the cost of hearing aids for hearing impaired
KUDZ shoes have birthed from my childhood in Botswana, validated through online crowd fundi
E-Mobility is the future tranport.
O objetivo é orientar crianças-idosos, e seus familiares sobre higiene bucal, mostrando como esco
Author of the Book New MONEY MASTERS under theme African Wealth series, that share the journey of
Dintshang, Setswana for "What's Happening?", is a project presented by PING, a youth-led NGO in B
A complete home in an incomplete town: being a centre for holistic care in a disrupted environmen
A MAS é uma ONG que se dedica em exclusivo à saúde oral, tendo como objetivo a universalidade do
ADPP believes that the people are the decisive force in creating development.
The poor in African villages have physical assets, which are often owned informally (no property
Establishment of SME Library in all of the African countires ,the SME library will provide ICT ,I
The poor in African villages have physical assets, which are often owned informally (no property
My idea is to help unemployed young people in Namibia to gain skills .