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With public offerings too slow to be useful and the private market too costly, adequate mental he
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Madeleine Clarke is crafting a strategy to nationally overhaul the disability field in Ireland.
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Having spent a great deal of time working in feeding centers and famine-stricken areas, Steve, a
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Through his organization, RedBranch, David Egan is empowering a generation of young people in Ire
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Providing lifesaving volunteer doctors responding to emergencies for the community.
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APA for older or vulnerable adults as a tool to maintain or regain independence, autonomy, socia
CareBright is a non profit homecare organisation based in the mid- west region in Ireland.We are
A healthy fast food restaurant for all different diet requirments .
To develop a workshop to promote better access to women's health services and information in Irel
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The Eden Alternative empowers staff in residential care to eliminate helplessness, loneliness and
Our innovative online dementia risk profiler can be used by a clinician to design & support p