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Labor Link is the first platform to leverage the disruptive power of mobile to give voice to the
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Transparent communication helps build trust: We have created a cost-efficient, scalable, standalo
LaborVoices is building a "TripAdvisor" for workers in developing countries, helping th
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No garment factory worker is empowered or safe with only men in charge.
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BIID is an inclusive business with the objective to promote usage of ICT to serve the BoP market
mCARE is an integrated mobile phone pregnancy and neonatal health information system for communit
V0P seeks to track the spread of endemic cholera in Bangladesh using trained health workers equip
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I would like to support NGOs, Hospital, Development organizations and Government;s Health Initiat
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School networking & trained-up a grassroots citizen journalist group to publish local content
Complete, accurate, and reliable clinical data collection is needed in developing countries for t
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To address the supply chain ambiguity in food sourcing which results in adulteration, food items
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Dimik Computing's vision is to enrich Bangladeshi students' Programming & Software Developme
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JAAGO Foundation provides Free-of-Cost education to the underprivileged children currently runnin