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A solar powered mosquito attractant to aid reduce the cases of malaria in the country especially
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Productive Agriculture Linkages and Marketing Systems (P.A.L.M.S.) program pools appropriate tech
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This project is about briquette production. A compressed biomass used as fuel.
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Given my extensive background in energy, I have started a local biomass briquettes factory 
Nubian Energy empowers the world with our renewable energy products and empowerment programs.
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Allow entrepreneurs to install clean water and energy solutions supported by crowd-funding; resul
Impact Energies (IE) goal is to improve the ability of the energy-poor in Africa and Asia to access
Kadi understands energy access is a portal to prosperity.
ISDECE will provide clients with solar energy products, installation of wind turbines and constru
Kreg Energy seeks to Empower individuals and the world's underdeveloped communities through the a