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HerFloor is an all-in-one marketplace for women to buy and sell products or services, share exper
Activities & initiative to spread financial literacy & entrepreneurial development, activ
Our purpose is to save user´s time and provide them a set of tools/services which help them to re
what if believing is seeing rather than the other way round?
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مع توفر إمكانيات التمويل الصغيرة بشكل أفضل، بدأت العديد من النساء في العديد من المناطق الريفية وض
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Aysha Saifuddin is creating production houses for Pakistani women and providing foothold access t
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Wasil foundation is an Microfinance organization, working with the vision of economic empowerment
Khwendo Kor’s innovative development of Village Banking for poor women in the deprived,strategica
I am Muhammad Sajid Naveed - Access to Finance Expert from Pakistan.
In Pakistan, the biggest hurdle that entrepreneurs face is access to bank capital due to limited