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Approximately one billion people are vitamin and mineral deficient because of lack of access to c
Poverty levels in many humans living today are very high, they lack the most basic services, caus
Food aid needs a makeover and NGOs have the ability to lead the way.
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We are two Veterinary Medical Students studying Food Animal Production Medicine with an interest
HUFH is a medical humanitarian organization committed to improving the quality and sustainability
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Creating / implementing a medical regimen, including technological, cultural and behavioral inter
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Ecological and creative development innovations for the DR and Haiti that are chosen and introduc
Maya Nut "food forests" will provide food, jobs and income for Haitian women and their families.
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Local live discussion networks in places like airports, airplanes, universities, condominiums and
The Amaize grain dosifier is an inexpensive (< $100 USD) device that precisely mixes micronutr
With technical support, proper materials and industry development, rabbit production can provide
Meds & Food for Kids (MFK) saves the lives of Haiti’s malnourished children by developing, ma
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Inspired by Project Peanut Butter’s work in Africa, the Bayonnais Peanut Butter Project (BPBP) se
COREAL (Association for the Economic and Local Agriculture Advancement) is an initiative that int
Ambrosia Global, LLC seeks to contribute to the global fight against food insecurity with the dev