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Our web series is a youth led media production that features technology, innovation, climate chan
Street children cannot access formal public education due to poverty.
Transparent communication helps build trust: We have created a cost-efficient, scalable, standalo
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What happens to the paper coffee cup after you finish your drink?
Secure, eco-friendly playgrounds will be built for underserved children in Bangladesh to ensure t
Impact of Art Workshop on Inclusive Education in Bangladesh by DPO leaders.
mCARE is an integrated mobile phone pregnancy and neonatal health information system for communit
People will keep the environment clean by earning money in exchange of PET bottles, that will be
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We, R&R Solutions, help industrialists help environment to maintain its pristine state.
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I plan to take electricity to more homes and slums under the existing electricity supply by reduc
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Traditional plastics that we are using in our daily activities are made from oil and are non-biod
HrH (Health replaced Hazard) solves two pressing, malnutrition and waste related environment poll
Information is present in staggering amounts, problems are more complex and people are more disco
What happens to the paper coffee cup after you finish your drink?