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Coshop es una comunidad de diseñadores y marcas de moda que apuestan por una producción sostenibl
Do you think that you pay too much for your electricity?
En BYBELNE nos dedicamos a la producción y comercialización de calzado, con la finalidad de propo
Altrapo Lab is a creative clothes recycling laboratory where we work to recover the value of the
banking4humanity proposes a paradigm-shift in banking and finance, where the capital is human abi
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Ante la necesidad de ampliar contextos de educación, y la existencia en el patio del instituto un
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LandsCare is a guide based on localization that aims capturing the value of our landscapes for th
Establecimiento de venta al público de artículos (textil) de segunda mano o outlet de alta calida
“Team up for good” is an internal community inviting all our employees to “team up” and collabora
Uso de la web para el fomento de una cultura abierta y de calidad y la generación de un espacio d
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Urmanismo 2.0 is a new concept in Sustainable Planning and Social Networks, which allows for the
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A jointly financed business plan competitions by the local governments and private sector will be
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Zamabi is a young Spanish technology-based company specialized in carbon footprint.
Imagine a live participatory newspaper with its own youtube created by civil society and whose pr
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Digital platform that enables: 1) NGOs to have digital presence, providing:
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We're building a brand which will hopefully be capable of attracting crowd-funding for local cons
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In a city that is largely collapsed by the automobile on multiple levels: pollution, space, noise