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The MFA grows and catalyzes a portfolio of franchise opportunities to empower low-income people i
EcoZoom is a social enterprise and certified B Corporation that makes clean burning, portable woo
Women make up majority of the rural poor and do not have access to finance and skills to set up b
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TRINE eliminates energy poverty, using a crowdinvesting platform to finance profitable solar ener
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Creates employment, builds skills and robust small-businesses for diverse, poorest youths (includ
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The current supply of biomass energy in Kenya is unsustainable.
If we are all part of the problem then we all need to be farmers of the solution.
We produce cheap eco-friendly charcoal briquettes by recycling urban waste from towns and agricul
The Haller Farmers App is an open source web based app helping farmers farm the unfarmable in Ken
Thanda is a non-profit organisation that empowers communities to break the cycle of generational
As of 2015, 10% of the cashews produced in Africa are processed and exported directly to Europe.
Greenhub aims to create a culture of energy efficient and environmental friendly buildings in our
$120 billion worth of biomass (e.g.
This project harnesses the abundance of sunlight to light shopping centres in off-grid rural part
The unbanked rural Kenyans join local savings co-operatives to access credit.
Youth centre is a social and profit entities that works with young people from vulnerable areas
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Most of Kenya's population live in rural areas which comprises of the youths and women;who h
Movements often flounder when the activists driving them lack access to vital strategies, safe sp
Freeway is simply a warehouse that contains computers capable of connecting to the Internet.