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Hacienda Tranquila is a local organization in the Galapagos that employs reforestation, organic a
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How many times have we been in search of a good painter, gardener or even a nurse for our mother
Beyond Chacay Foundation is a nonprofit whose mission is to enable community leaders and their fa
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Transforming our Latin American Communities One Short Film at a Time.
Una educación de calidad a distancia sin distancias
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Our innovative model facilitates youth empowerment and civic engagement through the production of sh
La gran y masiva revolución verde, el mundo necesita un cambio y una forma de manejar los desecho
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Cosechar cacao y elaborar chocolates artesanales;realizaremos constantes capacitaciones y propone
Reducción del impacto ambiental por el uso de materiales contaminantes en construcción y uso de p
How can tourism be truly sustainable in a unique protected area such as the Galapagos Islands?
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La propuesta involucrará al turista en la cosmovisión ancestral de culturas ecuatorianas, expresa
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WAPONI is a business incubator aimed at providing small community-based tourism initiatives in Ec