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A "Pesticide Residue Free" Label promoting agroecology by adding value (economically an
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Do you think that you pay too much for your electricity?
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Clothe To Me is a Fashion Tech innovation project that enable users to manage their wardrobe from
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Pièce(s) Commune(s) utilise la démarche design pour re-souder les acteurs de filières locales, to
El proyecto consiste en la puesta en funcionamiento de una plataforma telemática de mediación,
We can break the spiral of overindebtness!
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We want to involve people in the change of the economy fundamentals (finacing, consumption and la
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HiT Barcelona es el encuentro mundial que, a lo largo de dos días, reúne a líderes empresariales,
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GoodBites es una iniciativa que busca recaudar fondos para causas sociales, a partir de cenas ent
Imagine a live participatory newspaper with its own youtube created by civil society and whose pr
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Digital platform that enables: 1) NGOs to have digital presence, providing:
With L'ARRONDI, Franprix supermarkets' customers can round-up the total of their purchase to the