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The garment industry in Ethiopia is growing.
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VermiPonics system under a Franchise model provides a scalable and innovative solution to address
De Krat delivers local, seasonal and sustainable food, e.g.
We are Goodget, a social enterprise dedicated to establishing a microfranchise distribution chain
We create what food can do with people and what people can do with food.
Nudus is an online marketplace providing chefs with a crowd to cook FUN, FAIR & FUTURE-PROOF
We bring good in the world food system by making tasty and nutritious meat out of vegetable prote
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Appropriate toys for baby’s created in a fair and sustainable way.
The Nepali Green Entrepreneurship Centre is an innovation hub for young entrepreneurs to flourish
Circle Economy and Friesland Campina are working together to identify circular opportunities for
The amount and impact of food poisoning scandals in China is increasing.
By highlighting viable concepts of ecological and economical sustainable farmers in short videos