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It is a network for everyone who interested in sustainable application in various fields (Archite
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ICES is a social and Profit enterprise for sustainable Renewable energy using Solar system to tre
The need for clean energy has become the most important concerns of the human being on the face o
هذا المشروع من المشاريع الحيوية التى ستعمل على تطوير منطقة مقابر الغفير.
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HarassMap is a volunteer initiative that works to end social tolerance for sexual harassment usin
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تمزج بين التكنولوجيا, الترجمة و التدريب من أجل توسيع وصول أصوات المواطنين في الشرق الأوسط.
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Associer technologie, traduction et formation pour amplifier l'expression citoyenne au Moyen Orie
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Combinar tecnologia, tradução e treinamento para ampliar as vozes dos cidadãos do Oriente Médio.
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Combinación de tecnología, traducción y capacitación para amplificar las voces de los ciudadanos
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Combining technology, translation and training to amplify citizen voices from the Middle East.
تدريب جيل من الشباب من مختلف المحافظات على صحافة المواطن والإعلام الجديد وجعلهم شريك أساسي في تغي
We aim at developing a practical lean social housing system based on the principles of lean manuf
GREEN ENERGY is opening a new era of superior affordable solar powered multifunction systems that
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Biogas People is social business to spread biogas technology as alternative energy in egypt , by
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*Waves motion generated by the sea or wind movement the most powerful two motions on the planet e
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Bluerise develops Ocean Ecoparks, enabling islands and coastal regions to utiliz