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Safe Abortion Hotline is a strategy for combatting mortality and morbidity from unsafe abortion b
Uni Papua Football community is providing positive leisure activity, motivator, and role model to
Virtual Credit Card (VCC) mungkin menjadi jalan keluar bagi Anda yang tidak memiliki kartu kredit
Seo contest is a competition event for both bloggers who are still beginners and masters for this
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Parental Advisory Baby Clothing is a punk inspired baby clothing company who are providing poor c
Using traditional play to go glocal - preparing children to fit in global world without losing lo
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A multicultural school aiming to provide good quality education and reduce social tensions throug
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Multicultural Research Centre in a multicultural school that endeavours to encourage children and
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Outreach program that offers tutoring, mentoring and scholarships while also building self-confid
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A multicultural school that aims to provide good quality education for everyone and promote peace
Creating exceptional individuals to become a bridging facilitator in an area where conflict over
The land and forest are the main resources for local indigenous communities which represent their
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The project are about rising the awareness about having the "right" approach for changing life an
We believe that through the awareness of interdependence given through friendship peace can be ac
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Red Nose Foundation is an Arts and Education organization that aims to support the personal &
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Nowadays, youth have to challenge many things in starting their career.