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Passion for life is a programme which belongs to the Seniors coaching to move from knowing to doi
Dennis is elevating sign language to serve a richer purpose in society by addressing the needs of
Entered in Ashoka Fellows
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MyChild is used by nurses to register and follow up on every child to ensure they're protec
Innovative audio support service in a mobile platform by and for people diagnosed with diabetes.
Create a natural meeting place for all generations free from charge.
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Ask a dermatologist anonymously in any device 24/7.
“Gatans Lag ( team of the street or Street Law) is working to defeat homelessness, substance abus
We know it's possible to play our way to a better world.
“Möten med minnen” is a project where Swedish museums are offered help to design special programs
LEINO Demenskompetens offers knowledge building in dementia care, through participatory and inter
A chance for people newly diagnozed with dementia to receive social stimulance, fellowship and su
In my 20 years as a nurse I have come to get a very special knowledge about the use of drugs for
Promotion of health and prevention of disease among elderly citizens through an integrated educat