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On average, 300,000 Nigerians are in constant need of an artisan daily, but there is no dedicated
Our future, is a project that helps to tackle unemployment and social vices in my locality throug
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The Wennovation Hub is a start-up business accelerator located in Ikeja, Lagos with a focus on in
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Philonoist platform, an e-learning platform allows students to learn and access needed I.T, soft
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Organisations and businesses around the world are looking for effective ways to reduce staffing c
Gas on wheels is an innovative idea aligned for CLEAN COOKSTOVES that will outmodern the delivery
With the rapid growth in the digital space, a group of individuals have been spotted.
ProNoV is the flagship offering of Opacus Tech.
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WennoSource is a program of the Wennovation Hub, Nigeria. 
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We provide you with clean, reliable and cost-effective energy from natural sources.
This project will enable farmers get right value for their farm produce cutting down drastically
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AfricaMetering: the major focus is on GREEN ENERGY, providing an online platform and applications
SAMPLER is created to form a centralized sytem that networks every one who wants to be part of th
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The campaign launch will lay the foundation for managing urban housing and real estate in Nigeria
Le Tendero Partnership is designed to increase food security in Sub Saharan Africa through the tr
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Upgrading to transform, to expand and to takeover the daily monetary thrift savings through the u
The idea is wholesale distribution of bottle water in CRS which has a very high unemployment stat
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In recent time, People are becoming more busy by the day.
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Iluonline is an e-commerce company that deals strictly on made in Nigeria products.
A platform that allows creative minds to build products ,connect with network of users and also a