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Through TASO, Noerine has pioneered and led the way in Uganda's response to the HIV/AIDs sco
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In many wildlife-protected areas in Uganda, communities and wildlife are sharing habitats, living
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Cathy Watson is helping adolescents and young adults to make important life choices by encouragin
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In the AIDS-ravaged nation of Uganda, Margrethe Junker is bringing medical, social and emotional
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Focusing first on infertility, an unaddressed and complex problem in much of Africa, Rita Sembuya
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Gradian is a nonprofit social enterprise that equips hospitals to deliver anaesthetia safely, ena
APP’s approach rests on a fundamental premise – the poor and marginalised overwhelmingly represen
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MyChild is used by nurses to register and follow up on every child to ensure they're protec
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We seek to leverage the successes of mobile money in Africa to improve health financing by develo
Shout out is Mobile game,SMSApp, WebAPP and message platform that informs, advocates yout
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We train clients to detect the earliest signs of malaria.
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Obesity and overweight is big public health threat
GloW wants to produce and sell energy saving stoves as an assembly set for developing countries.
M-Tambula is a project that seeks to generate and make available information about health service
I am Kiiza Justine By names whose venture is to start a herbal industry Basically Transforming h
The Medical Concierge is an innovative health care service delivery and communication channel.
What can mobile technology do for health, education and economic development?
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The Distance Learning program is run out of the Learning Innovations Center in the Infectious Diseas
Mobi Drugs is a mobile based service that provides critical drug information to health care worke
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PCAF heals emotional wounds of victims of mass violence by training health workers and establishi