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Isara is an open sign language dictionary and learning application.
Transparent communication helps build trust: We have created a cost-efficient, scalable, standalo
To solve energy problem, we make an energy saving competition between elementary schools an
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Jual sabuk pengaman boncengan sepeda motor anak online merk apro untuk balita dengan harga murah
Sekolah Cherrya is an informal mobile school that concern in green education to create the agent
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School play aims to be one alternative education amidst frenzied commercialization of education g
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DREAM HUT is a social movement at each school in turn for teenagers and children to find their ow
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Throw Me To The Right Place is an environmental education game that aims to raise awareness of wa
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Drop in center for HIV+ children offers a support group, waiting home, and second stop for HIV+ c
Integrated Early Childhood Center for HIV Infected/ Affected Children and Their Family: one stop
JARIMATIKA builds a vibrant support network, teaching women to speak in public and giving them th
Institut Ibu Profesional, preparing professional mothers of the global era: tech savvy mothers wi
Information and communication technology for village female health volunteers in child growth mon
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LEADER(Learn English And Develop Empowered Region) is a language course,media &communication
Mantasa focus on edible wild plants research and reintroduce their use to local community so they