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We introduce the importance of sustainability and spreading green ideas when behavior is fl
Cleanway provides an integrated sanitation solution by providing clean sanitary facilities operat
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GRIS is able to dramatically change water usage behavior on long term in the whole world.
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We are a Social Enterprise working with women to break the cycle of poverty at household level by
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Energy Poverty is pervasive in rural and slum communities of Chipata District, Provincial Capital
The Association's tracking devices use a global positioning system to determine their position an
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We partner with NGOs that work with vocational training for vulnerable women.
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Talk the Walk is an online communication platform that makes CSR easier, and more effective for
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The possibility of an absolute poverty free society is a living reality!
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Our aim is simple: save our Planet for tomorrow.
Greeneration means innovative green thinking about business cases and working conditions.
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Bluerise develops Ocean Ecoparks, enabling islands and coastal regions to utiliz
Our project intends to map, collect, organize and utilize the knowledge, expertise, experiences a