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Formación de jóvenes menores de 18 años para potencializar la participación ciudadana de la juven
Modelo de trabajo de 13 pasos para la reintegración social de retornados guatemaltecos trabajando
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Food from Forests will provide a nutritious rainforest tree food, Maya Nut (Brosimum alicastrum)
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Pigeonpea has greatly increased the income of over a million small farmers in Africa in the last
MicroConsignment creates an opportunity for first-time women entrepreneurs to gain access to fina
Root Capital grows rural prosperity by investing in small and growing agricultural businesses tha
Riecken Community Libraries provides the technology tools and training to let communities in Cent
Primeros Pasos provides access to quality clinical care, health education and community outreach
Traditional aid programs tend to ask “What problems do the poor have and how can we solve them?”.
El proyecto vendrá a apoyar, en crear mecanismos ágiles de identificación sobre la conflictividad
La acción aborda los problemas que enfrenta específicamente la población juvenil guatemalteca de
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Its a media convergence news platform for locals and migrants citizens where they can participate
Crear centros de recuperación nutricional estructurados e interdisciplinarios, accesibles a la po
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Indigenous Guatemalan women struggle to afford sufficient basic healthcare products such as femin
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Nearly 700,000 families in Guatemala grow and depend on corn for 80% of their diet.