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ScriptEd empowers students to be creators of technology by offering computer programming classes
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AssignIt innovates by teaming citizens with professional journalists at every step of gathering,
Big thanks to social media for helping drive large-scale social change!
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What are the challenges and obstacles children face in life today at home and school?
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Reef Life nanotechnologies assist bonding of oceanic creatures, coral polyps, plants, medicines &
The Summit Hall After-School Dance Club is an program for children who lacks access to extracurri
The effects of the slave trade is still being felt by people of African origin living outside Afr
The effects of the slave trade is still being felt by people of African origin living outside Afr
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Launch Exchange is committed to growing social enterprise in Detroit and beyond.
Emzingo is a leadership development company.
Movements often flounder when the activists driving them lack access to vital strategies, safe sp
The world wastes enough food to feed four times the number of hungry people in the world annually
HandReach works to provide world-class medical care and rehabilitation for children injured by tr
Tellusthepoint enables employers like Unilever to share with students how classroom subject
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JamQuest strives to raise up a generation of young, world-changing, servant leaders, who are fear
Raising Little Heroes aims to nurture innate altruism in our children.
180 Degrees Consulting is the largest international, university-based pro bono student consultanc
The ultimate goal of Sparrow Clubs is to impact youth culture by imprinting compassion, generosit