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Ambercycle makes microbes that can eat plastic. Our microbes produce chemicals when fed plastic.
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Evrnu fiber transforms cotton garment waste into textile fiber for the creation of premium garmen
Inspired by "Caine's Arcade" - kids around the world build anything they can imagine with cardboa
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Red Tomato coordinates marketing, logistics, and sales to create market opportunities for a regio
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Loads O’ Fun, will provide app powered, locker based, laundry delivery, grocery delivery, mail an
Just Cause Coffee is a socially conscious premium coffee subscription that helps provide clean dr
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Reef Life nanotechnologies assist bonding of oceanic creatures, coral polyps, plants, medicines &
Imagine a clean world where everyone gets appliances, repairs and service.
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Change our stories to create change!
We are creating a tech solution that tracks the flow of organic cotton from the farmer to the mil
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Organic and inexpensive blend that makes you preserve your garments by reducing the washing cycle
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Alter-Art will enhance small-space living worldwide, promote healthy social gatherings for all so
Ambercycle makes microbes that can plastic. Our microbes produce chemicals when fed plastic.
SunSaluter is a non-profit dedicated to improving energy and water access in the developing world
Have developed an automated process for apparel manufacturing, a machine to make clothing without
Developing 100% renewable materials designed to minimize the toxicity of the fashion industry eff
REvolve Waste is building the supply chain for closed loop textiles.
Food aid needs a makeover and NGOs have the ability to lead the way.
ENVenture works with respected community based organizations (CBOs) already based in the last mil
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Sundara runs soap recycling initiatives in India, Myanmar and Uganda.