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AfricaMetering: the major focus is on GREEN ENERGY, providing an online platform and applications
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Matters of security have to be considered before ANY sustainable socio economic activity can thri
FM energy limited will be an energy bio-gas (bio-methane), animal waste and domestic waste for en
For poor women cassava producers in Nigeria who are stuck in vicious cycle of back-breaking labor
Beekeeping provides six products that are capable of generating income, reducing hunger and malnu
Agro-Solute is a platform that would revitalize the agro sector, It provide farmers (rural &
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Cooking, a major energy-consuming activity in Nigeria's households accounts for 91% of ener
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MiF Attacks Poverty Seek to provide a substitute way for a better living for families living belo
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Nigeria possesses large expanses of arable land and biodiversity, but majority of its population
We intend to use solar energy to generate power, get them distributed and fed into various homes
Heart Menders is a foundation with the mission of Helping teenagers in communities and secondary
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KAREs is an initiative created by a group of young inspiring & change driven individuals with
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agriculture development information dissemination to rural women
e-Agro is a web and mobile based repository for information relating to agriculture.
• Alleviating poverty by buying agro-biomass wastes and urban cellulose waste from poor income po
In Nigeria, the Population Council is involved in a project in which magnesium sulfate (MgSO4) ha
I am creating a website to discuss social,political and economic issues in Nigeria to enable pub
My initiative is to use posters, stickers, drawings and paintings to conscientize and sensitize m
The EYFI aims to revitalize the Nigerian agricultural sector by engaging the much needed human ca