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Food wastage is a world wide problem and it`s happening even in the university`s Restaurant.
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Adaptavate beleive that there is a better way of making building materials.
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Petrochemicals and PTFE enter the environment via people's bikes every year.
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Home is within our heart. Furnishings in our homes makes them places to relax.
Through books, apps & cartoons we tell the story of ‘Detective Dot’, an 8 year old female cod
Khama is an accessories brand built on a collaboration between designers in London and Malawi.
UK produces apparel waste of 350,000tonnes worth £140millions pa.
Panamá imports most of the fertilizer used to grow food, our landfills are overflowing with organ
RubyMoon sustainable swim & activewear donates all it's profits to women entrepreneurs i
The Nusa Project proposes a waste management social-enterprise model that facilitates a process o
Poverty, inequality, environmental pollution.
The Garment Repurposing Design App identifies, systemizes + presents step-by-step exactly what ca
Citrecycle uses unique technology to provide safe, clean, local and sustainable lead-acid battery
An online clothes recycling service.
An online clothes recycling service.
Bounce Works is a social enterprise that creates connected products to help kids thrive.
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YOU is a project initiated to work on the young individual skill development in terms of media co
now>press>play is a social enterprise that improves access to learning for primary school c
Greener Memorials is a unique designed remembrance memorial that has a lot of environmental benef