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We provide a low-cost application for universities to offer e-learning curricula to those who do
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Productive Agriculture Linkages and Marketing Systems (P.A.L.M.S.) program pools appropriate tech
Garment factory producing clothing for the global market by young adults in Ghana who otherwise h
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The Green Journey project seeks to stem the rising trend of malnutrition and obesity by developin
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iTeens is aiming at creating or reviving computer clubs in Ghanaian high schools to engage studen
Empire Solutions GH is the name of my organization.
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VOTO revolutionizes our ability to hear the opinions and needs of poor people in developing natio
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Savana Signature (SavSign) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization that works in the area o
We work to empower women and girls by giving them psychological support and tools that helps them
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Creatively utilizing tech in different ways to address the low-risk/high profit system & impu
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People with disabilities are amongst some of the world’s most marginalised, women with disabiliti
Use law to empower women to acquire knowledge on family laws - marriage, inheritance, domestic vi
young entrepreneur club is an innovative idea which is targeting young people at the age of 18 to
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Ceio after having an agreement with two local banks to act as custodians of funds that may be pla
Moringa Oleifera Farms and Industries Limited (MOFIL) is a hybrid for profit social enterprise wi
This is basically a center for Information Communication and Technology learning which will serve
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Productive Agriculture Linkages and Marketing Systems (P.A.L.M.S.) program pools appropriate tech
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Dream the Planet uses technology to connect young women & girls across six continents to work
JooMah is a web and mobile recommendation engine focused on the Sub-Saharan Africa job placement