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The i2i Accelerator is an innovative program where young entrepreneurs in Pakistan get resources
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The basic purpose of the project is to provide a way for keeping cars cool during daytime when th
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Clean water in Haiti simply costs too much.
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There are over 3000 Garments factory in Pakistan alone and an average medium sized garments facto
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Working Women in third world countries for sewing in apparel industry can attain good environment
Dastkari.pk is an online handicrafts marketplace in Pakistan for crafters where skilled craftsmen
Our purpose is to save user´s time and provide them a set of tools/services which help them to re
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Our experience in Haiti in humanitarian development projects, previous experience in other organi
Haiti Ventures is a venture capital firm that partners with mid-market entrepreneurs, which are n
Target Market: 65 million Pakistanis don’t have access to the electric grid.
Haiti Ventures is a social venture capital firm that partners with mid-market entrepreneurs, whic
Women's Digital League is a social enterprise providing digital services to clients through a tal
Pyrolysis System is producing of Oil,Carbon Black and Synthetic Gas by recycling of used tires,or
BLISS envisions a world where teenage girls do not have to engage in grueling labor for 14 hours
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We seek to create opportunities for people with disabilities to earn an income with dignity and e
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Sughar aims to end the wrong side of tribal traditions in Pakistan like “Honor” Killing, Exchange
In Pakistan, the biggest hurdle that entrepreneurs face is access to bank capital due to limited