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Crear un recinto para la práctica deportiva de Motocross, Enduro, Trial, 4x4, Quads y todos los d
This is an interactive simulation that allows the user to play the role of a kid in middle school
Defining Diversity: Creating Community shifts mindsets and sparks innovation by combining an educ
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In Fall 2012 Selkirk will launch a series of garden parties to share indigenous ways of knowing b
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F-YOU is an inviting, tell-all event that aligns personal growth with self-improvement.
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Backyard chickens and changing climates: developing West Kootenay community mediation programs t
Journey Beyond Abuse: Mediation Services for Victims and Offenders in Violent Relationships are a
Island Sustainable Communities Association (ISCA)will be a broad based not for profit that works
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Restorative justice is a victim-centred, community-focused response to crime that aims to repair
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Our solution is to make Restorative Justice a viable and preferred option for dealing with confli
STOP A BULLY empowers students to be proactive in terms of standing up and reporting against the
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Life changing opportunity to develop the essential emotional and psychological skills to be a tra
Explaining Democracy to children through the Constitution in order to help them better understand
Through the Fair Trade sales of health and wellness products Mmeka will support a global communit
Un innovador estudio que optimiza los programas educativos que fomentan más y mejores agentes de
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"Think Empathy" is a Youth ‘Think and Do Tank' that aims to foster and increase empathy within Ca